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Lusio is searching for some friendly faces and helping hands to help with the 4th annual
Lusio. A Night to Awaken 
on Aug 3rd, 2019 at Volunteer Park. 

Be part of the magic of lusio

We'll make sure you can enjoy the big day too!
Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to;

  • Artist Support - Be assistance to an artist at the festival

  • Clean up - Help us clean up post Lusio and you will have our love forever! 

  • Light Dancers - Have a lit costume? Dance around the festival spreading joy! 

  • Lusio Booth - Hang at our Lusio info booth to tell people about Lusio, hand out maps and accept donations.

  • Traffic Lights - Help with flow of traffic in the park during the festival 

  • Light Monitors - Help us keep Lusio safe for all! Roam the festival to monitor for rogue art exhibits and safety hazards like fire spinning. 

  • Map Docents - Wander the festival handing out Lusio maps

Invite a friend to volunteer with you

More friends = more fun!




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