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let lusio light up your life


LUSIO goes beyond curating the most unprecedented Light Festival in the PNW.

Our diverse portfolio includes collaborating with non-profits, city entities, corporations, arts organizations, and privately owned companies. With our expertise in the art of light and collaboration with local artists, we create captivating custom experiences that are site-specific.


At LUSIO, we stand out by offering paid opportunities to support and uplift local artists. We are committed to providing a platform for creative expression through all our events.


Whether you're seeking to make your private event extraordinary, raise funds for a non-profit through innovative lighting designs, curate exceptional public art programming in your city, or consult on a mesmerizing projection mapping project, LUSIO is here for you.


Contact us to embark on an unforgettable journey of breathtaking light and artistry.


LUSIO has been one of the first champions of projection mapping in the Seattle area as soon as we recognized the vast applications that were possible in this progressive technology driven art form.

Some of our "canvases" include; Seattle Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park Conservatory, W.W. Seymour Conservatory, Pier 86 225ft tall silo, Finney Farm, 2+U, Volunteer Park + many private events. 
Projection Mapping can totally transform almost any object or event into a vibrant, moving piece of art. 

What is Projection Mapping? Click here to find out



Unique interactive art

​At LUSIO, we strive to create memorable experiences through art and culture by working with local artists to create unique and often interactive art experiences. This gives our local artists paid opportunities to get their work seen while allowing them to also reach a wider audience. Working with artists means we can curate an ever-changing landscape of art and culture that can be enjoyed by everyone. We believe in using the power of art to create meaningful and lasting experiences.


lighting design

LUSIO uses the art of light to create an immersive and transformative experiences at every location and venue. 
We specialize in creative lighting design with thoughtful cohesion of color palettes, imaginative utilization of architecture, and waves of color cascading across the space.
Our mission is to take you on a journey, where your senses are ignited and you can explore something new. 


public arts programming

At LUSIO, we believe that art should be accessible to everyone and light art is no exception. We've been curating and producing large scale public arts programming, transforming spaces around the PNW into immersive experiences, for the last 10+ years, From festivals, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, art walks, and the largest video mapping exhibition in Seattle, we strive to use local artists and bring people together to enjoy the beauty of light art.
We believe that art is a powerful tool to inspire, evoke emotion, and connect us all. The art of light especially so due to it's fleeting nature and ability to produce childlike wonder in all of us. 
Join us in experiencing art in a new way.


consultation services

At LUSIO, we specialize in providing creative lighting consultation for public art projects. Our team of experienced professionals have worked with cities and municipalities to create breathtaking lighting displays and experiences. We offer customized solutions and recommendations, as well as complete studies and proposals to help bring your vision to life.

We have collaborated with a variety of clients throughout the country, including City of Tukwilla, Sound Transit, City of Kent, and Emerald Forest. Our team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect lighting display for your project. Let our team of experts help you find the best visual solutions to make your project shine.


 Previous Projects
Cost estimates of previous projects for budget references

2 Week Projection Mapping Exhibit

2 Week Projection Mapping Exhibit Budget $120k 2 weeks of projection mapping on a 225ft silo in downtown Seattle

Feasibility Studies & Project Outline Proposals Budgets $5k to $25

Lighting Design Budgets $5k - $40k Private and public events

Public Art Exhibit

Public Art Exhibit Budget $15k Outdoor public art exhibit - 2 months

Private Events & Fundraisers Budgets $5k minimum Ranging to $80k Site specific installations for your event.

Arts Programs

Public Arts Programs Budget $80k - $250k 2-4 months long arts program curated into citywide locations 15-20 artists


Budget $60-$150k 15-40 art exhibits 1 year production timeline

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