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Why Lusio?


To provide opportunity 
Most light art installation is made for a gallery, a festival, or a private event. Rarely does this form of art get seen in Seattle and never has it been showcased in such a large setting. This will provide artists the opportunity to get their work seen and voices heard by a wide demographic of people in curated but playful setting. 

To make light art accessible
This form of art has started to arrive and percolate in the Pacific Northwest, but only if you attend an event like Burning Man or the new Seattle Arts Fair, both which cost money to attend. Lusio is a free family friendly event making it available to any person of any demographic that wants to attend and have their senses delighted. Art should be accessible to everyone. 

To Play

To quote Heraclitus, "Lifetime is a child at play, moving pieces in a game. Kingship belongs to the child." With all the advances in technology that make this type of art possible, it's easy to forget technology can also be playful. It's also easy to forget to play as an adult! Playfulness has been proven to decrease stress, improve brain function, stimulate creativity, promote connections, improve social skills, and positive well being. On top of that, IT'S FUN! So bring those glow stick bracelets, led hulu hoops, wrap your dog in L-wire, or just come as you are. Come play with us :) 


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