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Lusio: The who, what, where and why.

Lusio began in 2016 with a vision to produce an event that combined a few of my favorite passions; light art, music, nature, community, supporting artists, and spreading happiness in bulk through art. At the time I had just wrapped up a 3 year stint with the Northwest Art Alliance producing the large 3 day, 110 artist, Best of the Northwest events and I was ready to focus on producing events of my own vision and voice.

The concept for Lusio was built over a few years time after witnessing over and over again how light artists were not represented well in the PNW. Across the pond in many other countries they have already embraced the beauty of light art and are supporting this unique and vast form of art with light festivals and thoughtfully curated events. But for some reason despite Seattle being a technology driven city and full of artists, I found a lack of opportunities for light artists to show their work in accessible spaces. Thus, the concept of Lusio was born.

In March 2016 I secured the permits, put up the event page and 3 days later when I looked I saw thousands of people were already excited to attend! The first event, "Lusio. A Night to Awaken" in Aug 2016 was a huge success despite the entire thing being a "dress rehearsal" and a total of 6 volunteers. We had (and still have) no way to set up in advance or do a trial run in Volunteer Park, so as the sun set at that first big day and thousands of started streaming in, the event did exactly what I had hoped; it made everyone so happy! My vision was that the "night would awaken" all of the senses with light, sound, smells, touch, and the taste of happiness in the air. And it very much did.

Since that very validating day, Lusio has snowballed into a wonderful series of events that support the light art communities in the PNW. Lusio has helped raise over $25,000 for a local non-profit with indoor events, has created a plethora of paying opportunities for light artists to showcase their work in unique and beautiful spaces, as well as the chance to share their knowledge with workshops, classes, and meet ups at the internal voice of Lusio, the Mokedo gallery and creative event space. Seattle has really started to take notice of the Lusio light art movement and I'm incredibly proud of what my network of artists have been able to accomplish. The next 9 months are FULL of Lusio events and we're booking out into 2019.

There had a multitude of ways you can become involved and we can sure use your help! To support Lusio please see our events, call for art, call for volunteers, and fundraising campaign or contact me directly for sponsorship opportunities.

Lusio is for the community and by the community. Let's shine on Seattle together!

Your Lusio Curator, Producer, and Magic Maker, Mollie Bryan

Art by Noble Neon - Lusio A Night to Awaken 2016

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