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"A Night to Awaken"


An immersive experience of light and sound.


Multiple light installations sourced from local artists and art groups will be placed throughout Volunteer Park to explore while ambient music orchestrates the entire journey....


The Journey

How to best experience Lusio 
Imagine being in Volunteer Park as the sun is beginning to set on one of those delicious Seattle summer evenings. You bring a nice blanket to lay on and find a nice, soft place in the grass front of the amphitheater. Perhaps you bring your kids or partner and some snacks while you relax in the warm evening sun. At 8:30pm when the sun has started to makes it way across the Olympics to set, beautiful and slow sounds begin to emerge from the stage. These sounds made by a single musician will be signalling the light installations that are placed throughout the park to "awaken". Suddenly, you find yourself surround by beautiful sounds and beautiful light installations to explore. You gather up your loved ones and go to explore works of light art sourced by local artists placed throughout Volunteer Park. You're suddenly pretty glad you happen to bring those extra glow stick bracelets in your bag so you take them out to join in on the fun. An hour or so passes of playful exploration so perhaps you're ready to relax some more so you make your way back down to the amphitheater where the sound is still orchestrating the light. Around 10:30PM the music begins to wind down which signals the light that it's time to "go to sleep". The beautiful light installations fall asleep one by one and the sound slowly cease and will be the last to slumber, leaving you in a state of wonder, peace, and inspiration as the journey draws to a close. You pack up your blanket and snacks, wrap you arm around a loved one, and head home happily relaxed and delighted after an evening of playing in light and sound. 










The F.A.Q'S n peas...



What not to bring to Lusio

While we want everyone to attend and engage in Lusio, there are a few things that you may think is a super great idea to bring or do, but could ruin the experience for everyone or be unsafe. Below are some basic outlines of items and activities not allowed at Lusio. Please read them carefully so everyone can have the best possible experience. If you have any questions, please email

  • NO RENEGADE ARTWORK PLEASE.  The Lusio artists worked hard to get accepted and we work hard to curate a magical experience. So much time and planning goes into the placement of each piece. We also rent out Volunteer Park specifically for this event. Please respect the artists and leave your renegade art at home this year and apply next year!
    Any renegade art will be asked to be taken down immediately by the Lusio team. 

  • Lasers, bright flash lights, strobes or anything that can cause retina harm. 

  • Fire. No fire allowed. No fire spinners, no fire hula hoops, no fire poi. No flames at all please.

  • Speakers or sound projection of any kind. The ambient music will be your guide for the night. 

  • No renegade vending allowed.

  • Drugs/Booze/Firearms/Cigarettes. Sorry guys, no getting drunk on drugs and shooting your revolver in the air while smoking a cigarette. Not on park property anyways ;) 

  • Trash. Pack it in pack it out. Recycle. You know what to do Seattle. Let's keep this park pristine!



What's great to bring to Lusio

  • Kids, loved ones, friends, dates, your neighbors, your parents... this event is all ages and open to all.

  • Glow in the dark items like glow bracelets, Lwire, led hula hoops, clothes, ect. Anything that will add to the experience in a positive way and not negatively impact the experience of others. LED poi and hulu hooping will have it's own designated area by the amphitheater.

  • Well behaved pets. *Please note that some pets may not be used to this type of environment and it may make them nervous/scared. If your pet is experienced distress while at Lusio, please be prepared to take them home.

  • Blankets, snacks, pillows. Items to allow you to relax comfortably in front of the amphitheater.

  • Playful attitudes, big imaginations, open minds and open hearts!  







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