Lusio Lights
Mary Olson Farm
An immersive light festival

AUg 27 & 28, 2021
28728 Green River Rd, Kent, WA 98030

all ages




Explore the historic Mary Olson farm filled with light art installations of all shapes, sizes, and formats curated directly into nature

encouraging exploration, play, inspiration and art appreciation.


Art is sourced from local artists giving them a unique platform to showcase their work in a gorgeous natural setting.


Sounds are curated with a range of sounds from local artists & dj's that will have leave you relaxed and uplifted.


Wander.    Wonder.    Play.    Explore. 








Parking is located at the Auburn Golf Course 

29630 Green River Rd SE, Auburn, WA 98092

Grab a free Shuttle to the Festival
Shuttles run every 10 mins to/from the farm and the Auburn Golf Course
Ride is a short 2 mins from the farm

Shuttles are ADA accessible

*per WA State guidelines; Masks are required during the shuttle rides reguardless of vaccination status. 

ADA Accessible but some parts of the ground are a bit bumpy FYI.



COVID-19 Regulations 

The festival is open air & we're following the recommended CDC guidelines to help ensure the safety for all. 

Mask up if you're not vaccinated.
Mask up if you can't social distance.
Mask up on the shuttles.
Stay Safe Friends! 
















Make your experience a D'Light!


Dress in your most glowing, LED, light up attire to get into the spirit and contribute to the whole atmosphere.



- NO FIRES, fire spinning, vending, sound/speakers, pop up performances or rude behaviors.


 *Any unapproved art exhibits will be asked to be removed*
Unsure what that means? If it's part of your outfit or something you can carry with you like a lantern then that's A-OK and encouraged!

Lookin for Wearable Lights?
Swing by the Lumio Designs booth and pick up some LED festival wear!

Many thanks to our partners!





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