the 5th annual

lusio lights festival
aug 27 & 28, 2021
mary olson farm

41 exhibits of light and sound
4 djs


Kelly Fleek
Randy Garbrick
Randy Morris
Liquid Light Wizard


Live Music, DJ's and visuals!


MOnster planet

See five sound artists work together to create a live surreal soundtracking of cutting-edge ambient & experimental music and obscure, low-budget cinema.  Monster Planet is an ever-expanding collective of producers, musicians, sound designers, visual artists, and B-movie enthusiasts improvising soundtracks to some of the most bizarre and cheesy B-movies in existence.
Video artist Leo Mayberry will be performing live visuals all night



After a surreal experience with Monster Planet, let dj's Treehead and Alex Flores bring up the beats and wrap up the festival with a dance party! We had so much fun with them last year we invited them back for round two! 

music    projections

treehead soundcloud

water tower


PNTA, the event and theater production company, is supporting the Lusio festival this year with a community focused exhibit on the iconic water tower! PNTA is working with local and world renowned video artists to create a showcase of video art projected onto the front of the water tower.

In addition they will be providing  lighting support with event lighting inside the Conservatory and between exhibits in the park. 


Horse Bike Riders 

“Carousel of Lights"


Galloping LED Carousel Horses will transverse the festival via 4 riders on bicycles. Created for "a safer night time bike commute where I could make others smile at the same time. My vision is to eventually see others commuting on fun bikes because after all, we all still have the child in us who just wants to have fun and forget all the BS in the world."

Sculpture   Roaming Art Exhibit


Leo Mayberry


Witness the weird as Leo Mayberry, a veteran in the Video Art community, brings his signature style of retro cult classics and B rated movies to the amphitheater. Large glowing orbs of light will accompany his live video projections as he works live along side sound the sound artists of Monster Planet and DJ's. 

Projected Visuals    Sculpture   


Trina CoopeR

"Compassion Dilator"


Paying homage to the importance of compassion, this large inflatable heart allows the audience to enter and experience 360 degree video projection exhibit from inside the exhibit.
One of our most popular exhibits!.

Interactive Kinetic Sculpture    Recycled/Upcycled   Family Friendly  Touchable   Educational


Liquid Light


"Live Liquid Light"

 60's style Live Psychadelic Liquid Light Show. Analog overhead projectors using clock glass, mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, candle dyes, water colors, and imagination.

Projection visuals   


Bare Handed Art



Exploring forms in honeycomb and light, these hand painted sculptures create cascading patterns of light dancing along the ground and up into the canopy of the tree they hang from. 

Sculpture   Recycled/Upcycled     


Zachary Gilbertson

"Swim in the Light" 

Let the jellyfish tendrils of light delight your soul! Scores of fiberoptic strands envelope you in joy as you dance underneath this giant jelly with their trailing tentacles. 



das float crew

"The Wall"


The Wall is a translucent light sculpture, in the form of a remnant wall. Visitors' Hand motions drive bright waves of color along a sinuous, low wall of lighted tiles. When waves collide in specific ways, unexpected displays of light occur. Come play!

Projection Mapping         Interactive Sculpture      


Robin Mallory


This long 40' stretch of quilted canvas stands and simulates a horizon along the path with lit textiles creating a stained glass like viewing. 


Ning Ning Studios

"Ning Ning"

Fireflies are so magical that in some cultures they are thought to represent fallen stars. This calm swarm of "fireflies" encourages quiet reflection by piquing the interest of passersby with dynamically choreographed LEDs masquerading as flirtatious lightning bugs. 






Walk beneath glowing tendrils of soft light and soft jellyfish in this exhibit of undulating light and wool. Mokedo creates site specific experiences meant to inspire and delight the soul. Mokedo is also the curator and owner of Lusio. 

 Touchable  Sculpture


The art of free energy

"Ever Expanding Universe"

Created to "inspire & enlighten the public about recycling, reusable solar energy & sustainability" Randy Morris art lets the sun light bring to life his space inspired sculptures after dark. Blast off to space with these gorgeous glass & metal garden art exhibits!

Sculpture     Solar Powered     Sustainable      Recycled/Upcycled      


Nate Edwards

"Cosmic Blankets"

Not unlike the space-time continuum, the Cosmic Blanket is variable in size and shape, and can be molded to suit the participant’s wishes. Is it a fort? Is it a blanket? Come find out!

 Interactive        Touchable    


Nathan Rice

"Blanket House"

So often with art experiences, we are told not to touch, but Blanket House ask you to enter the work and shape it in their own unique ways. The house become spaces for imagination, conversation and peace. The vision for Blanket House is to encourages wonder, relational interaction, and intergenerational play.  

  Interactive       Touchable


Brock Wilmer


What could be more stunning than a 7ft tall led lined, mirrored, kinetic crystal? This infinity mirror crystal is controlled by the viewers that allow it to open, close, and change patterns on demand. 

Interactive     Kinetic     Sculpture     LED      Touchable




By interrupting the status quo of day to day experiences, the artwork intends to both disorient (not physically) the visitor and allow for individual reflection. The reduction of the world into grayness suggests much about social equity in stark contrast to the spectrum of differences between us while shining the spotlight on the uniqueness of the individual. In this way, the work intends to initiate reflection and questions about equity and diversity by augmenting visual expectations. ​ 

 Interactive    Sculpture


Further Interfaces

"Reflective Currents"

Creating an immersive experience that invites participants to collaboratively shape the dynamic, this liquid like kinetic projected video art is alive with the life of the viewer!  Walk in front of it and see your movements shape the projected art experience. 

 Interactive      Projected Visuals     


Randy Garbrick

"Garden of Light"

Nature comes to life with these soft glowing exhibits of nature inspired art. Stand beneath the giant flowers, meet the flying butterfly, feed the 5 ft tall venus fly trap or bask in the glow of a 4 ft tall crystal in his garden of light

LED     Sculpture


Megan Kirschenbaum

"Transmuting Analogue"

This floating exhibit celebrates the light that only the camera can capture. Polaroids created of light experiments are digitized and then projected onto layers of netting recreating the light into a physical 3D space hovered beneath a willow tree.

Projections     Sculpture


Amber Tanaka


"What is light?" This experience explores the question with 4 rooms encapsulating a different time of life; childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Each space would contain a small speaker playing a looped track of interviews with people in that age group answering the question, "what is light?" Ponder the meaning of light, time, and the things that pass us by in a lifetime.

Projections   Audio    


Richard Albritton

"Twinkle Sparkle Cloud Party"

Ever want to control the weather? Cloud shaped lights will hang while displaying weather-like animations, like a thunder storm, which can be controlled by the audience!

 Sculpture   Interactive


immersive ambient STAGE 



Wrap your brain in melodic ambient soundscapes and surround yourself with video art in this live performance sound space located behind the Museum. Bring a blanket and step into a quad sound experience wrapped in multi paneled video art with sound artists performing live with modular synths in the middle of it all. This serene environment will leave you feeling ALL the feels and senses titillated.

Video Art by C.M. Barth
Sound Artists



Donald Crunk

Harsh Realm

John L. Rice

Lousy Falcon

Nathan Smith

Planar Drift




music   projections


jinx' 75

“Museum Mapping"


Video artist Jonathan Womack will once again take on the huge, beautiful canvas that is the front of the Asian Art Museum with a live projection mapping exhibit that will leave you feeling breathless!
Watch him play with the iconic architecture and create a unique projected video art experience that utilizes the stunning facets of the building into the video art itself. 

Projection Mapping


Elise Koncsek

“Mirror Universe"


12 glowing spinning polyhedra set into a glorious little grove of trees will bring an exploration of the weird, discovery of the unknown, inspire curiosity about alternate universes.

Sculpture    Recycled/Upcycled   Touchable


Jeny Bird



These small organic shapes are all about the symbiosis of lights and organic shapes. Unassuming and lightweight, they hang out on the ground and glow, slowly changing colors in a slow fade. They are fiercely independent yet occasionally they sync up colors when the moment is just right. This is a rare sight! A handful of participants will be given some Toffets to bring to Lusio so that it grows during the time spent in the park.

Interactive     Touchable


Led Light Signs


What's more lit than light?
LED Light Signs brings his incredibly popular LED signs to Lusio! Seen at Ultra and Paradiso festivals, everyone loves to get a selfie with these powerful words of inclusion. And you can find his double sided hanging exhibits showing the Pillars of Creation dancing beneath the trees. 



Kelly Fleek

"Water-Tears: Cephalopod Sanctuary"


Building off of her 'Cocoon' series which debuted at Lusio in 2018, this exhbit will be a continuation of large, open, interactive, billowy work of LED lit textile sculptures dancing from a 100 year old tree.

Sculpture      Recycled/Upcycled    


Ann Johnson

"7 Segment Communicator"

Meant to open up the lines of communication between participant and the aesthetics of their surroundings. Each person is empowered to emblazon a large message allowing them to leave an impact in light.  The mixture of the analog construction and the digital "feel" of the 7-segment display allows the viewers to feel more in control of the electronics around them, at a time when we often feel at the mercy of the digital technology surrounding us.

 Interactive Sculpture       Touchable       


Kerry Hall 

"Victus Caelestis"

"3d printed polygonal based conic solids create a landscape of light with interactive knobs and dials allowing the viewer to be in control of the experience. Ponder potential meanings that certain colors and sounds represent.
Look, listen, interact, experiment, and maybe even develop theories about how a state is governed."

 Interactive Sculpture     


Heart Beats

"The Closest Encounter"

"The Closest Encounter" is a Sci-Fi inspired art piece that is meant to evoke a mind and heart-opening feeling that the astronauts (and viewers) have discovered a life form... or have they discovered love itself? 




"The Trees Can See "

A family of trees greet you with big curious blnking eyes and glowing locks. Are the trees alive? Maybe! Come meet your new tree friends and see! 



GlowFi Art


As you enter a wooded grove, the beat of the music is reflected in glowing orbs in the grass and in the bushes. As the beat hits, each orb strobes and fades in time with the music. While the globes are connected to the Source, they each have their own unique personality, colors and patterns, like a mother and her children. 

Sound reactive


Mike Monroe

"The Longing"

Expanding on his 2018 debute exhibit, Mike will create another other worldly experience of glowing limps, human busks, and alien esk creatures reaching out from the holly grove to invite you into his world.  

  Sculpture    LED     


Aaron Woodward

"Hearth Hangout"


The hearth hangout is an attempt to bring the nostalgia of the hearth and home to an outdoor space. Made of mist and light, thewarm incandescent flickering firelight and crackling fireplace audio will create an inviting and comforting atmosphere for viewers to pause, reflect, and have a quiet conversation.



Marten Silbiger


The Hypnodrome controller is a mysterious panel of buttons. It's joyful to uncover the mystery of what the buttons do, how the sensors interact, and how to combine video effects for maximum wildness.

Projection visuals    Interactive       Touchable


Laurel Cleveland

"Liquid Moon"

This interactive illuminated sculpture is inspired by old-school psychedelic light shows and the infinite beauty of the cosmos. Overhead projectors and large white balloons are used to simulate an ever-changing fluid planet of light and liquid. 

 Interactive    Sculpture    Projections



"A Time Machine"

There is a transformative nature to standing in the middle of the "Time Machine". Created with projected double exposure photography and gloriously stunning video art, entering this "house" of light will leave you with your senses scattered and mind bent! 

Projections   Interactive  


Dan Garlington

A roaming, glowing exhibit of light, love and creativity, Dan brings their costume design experience to Lusio building themselves into a glorious exhibit that explores the love of humanity and he art of light as they wander the festival leaving smiles where ever they go.  


bryan ressler


Chromata is a contemplative piece that rewards extended viewing. It is a study of color, form, and void that is never the same twice. Like an abstract painting that is constantly repainting itself, viewers can interact through a kiosk, allowing them to control the colors and symmetry of the display.

LED     Sculpture




λ is a large, immersive live visual performance paired with live sound performances from Modular Seattle. Encompass yourself in sounds and light with multiple panels of rear projected video art and a quad sound modular synth sound experience.
Seattle has never seen anything like this before! 

Projections    Immersive   


Todd Lawson

"Light Hole"

The iconic Black Sun sculpture is taking on a whole new form with this exhibit of light and mist. Framing the sculpture floats effervescent light undulating fine mist creating an ethereal and science fiction esk experience.  

LED     Sculpture


Landon Meernik

"Synaptic Aquarium"


Simulating a neural network  this hanging exhibit leaves the impression of the dynamics of how our (and everything else's) brains work at a very low level. It's a complex model of the electrical properties of individual neurons and how they wire together.. in light form!