lusio lights

pioneer square

Dec 1st, 2020 - jan 15th, 2021

pioneer square

seattle, wa

45 nights of light

9 light art exhibits

Starting December 1st, 2020 to January 14th 2021, you will be able to do a self guided public art tour in Pioneer Square to view light art exhibits at multiple locations.

Please remember to mask up and stay socially distant from those outside of your household!


In an effort to support local artists and to bring joy to the public with art of light during the darkest months of the year, the Alliance for Pioneer Square and LUSIO are lighting up Pioneer Square this winter for a 45 night winter public light art experience!
The Alliance for Pioneer Square works to help preserve what makes Pioneer Square the most authentic, engaging and dynamic neighborhood in Seattle.
LUSIO’s mission is to build community wellbeing and inspiration by creating opportunities for local artists to exhibit the art of light in public spaces.
This collaboration will combine the historic Pioneer Square with the art of light to create a public walking art experience that is COVID safe and brings awareness to local businesses and historic spaces. 







AXIS Pioneer Square

308 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Scott Keva James
Sophia Wheelright

Scott Keva James is an audio/visual, time-based media artist who creates interactive, software-driven installations in real spaces. His work manipulates light, sound, pattern, texture and sequence to create experiences and environments that respond to and alter energetic and emotional states.
Sophia Wheelwright is a mixed media artist who focuses on creating work that highlights what is often invisible: light, color, movement, sound and how they unexpectedly combine. Finished pieces often have an animated elemental energy that shifts depending on the light, the weather and the sound.
They have combined talents to create this site-specific work exploring more deeply the possibilities of sculptural form animated by dynamic imagery.

SOPHIA'S website
SCOTT'S website


101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA 98104

Mike Monroe


Spending most of his career working as an artist digitally in video games and immersive tech, Mike began looking to try to work in something more physical. Creative lighting is always the way he has fought off the doldrums of the long overcast winters in Seattle, and being inspired by previous years of LUSIO events began experimenting largely with sequencing LED lighting and lit up forms.


Kinesia Pilates

314 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Martin Silbiger


Marten Silbiger builds LED art and interactive "visual" musical instruments. He is based out of Seattle, WA


interurban building

155 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104


Jen Fuller


Portland artist Jen Fuller blends the contrasting aesthetics of glass, steel and light to create sculpture she refers to as “totems for the soul.” Motivated by the technical challenges inherent in transforming materials and spaces with history into time based experiences, her work reflects the transparency and vulnerability found in humanity and nature. Fuller’s recent work has been commissioned by Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Ovation TV, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Olbrich Botanical Garden, and private collectors across the country.


Maynard building

119 1st Ave S
Mokedo aka Mollie Bryan


Mokedo aka Mollie Bryan (she/her), is a multifaceted artist and the creator of the LUSIO light festival and events. Mokedo’s work invites playfulness and explores patterns of the elements she works with to coincide with the patterns found in life and nature. She is constantly inspired by the art of light and it’s wide range of uses and the vast plethora of directions the art form can take.
This project was sponsored by the Orca Salmon Alliance in an effort to raise awareness about the endangered Southern Resident orcas. Learn more at 


Merchant's Cafe and Saloon 

109 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104

Dan Montgomery


JJ Sonn


JJ Sonn  has a love for using power tools and heavy equipment, which is underutilized in his career in the software industry. Longtime co-workers and now close friends, he takes every opportunity he can to be involved with Dan's projects.
Dan Montgomery is a lifelong Seattle resident and software engineer. His love for SciFi, synthwave, gadgets, and LEDs often combine to inspire otherworldly creations. In addition to exhibiting at Lusio's summer event, he has created a number of pieces for Burning Man and local showings.
Dan and JJ are grateful that they can keep making and sharing their art during 2020, and look forward to exhibiting many more.

ArtXchange Gallery

512 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104


Robin Mallory


Robin Mallory’s abstract textile art is driven by simple design and a lifelong interest in the dyeing and stitching of fabric. Mallory earned an art degree from University of Washington continuously expanding her process and the range of materials she worked with. She gathers inspiration from the natural world as well as the juxtaposition between various man made materials and especially the relationship between fabric and dye. Mallory creates pieces that contrast common cotton with hard geometric
shapes, bright colors with muted tones. Each piece is hand dyed and stitched and many lit. She continues to explore the relationship between fabric, light and dye in all three dimensions on Vashon Island.


322 occidental ave

Seattle, WA 98104
Kelsey Fernkopf


Kelsey Fernkopf is an artist and neon glass tubebender from Seattle, Wa. From the culmination of 30 years making neon signs and art, Kelsey recently began making BIG NEON, sculptures
that highlight the linear qualities of neon using his unique single continuous tube technique. He has exhibited his work both locally and nationally and is currently cofounder and Technical director of the Western Neon School of Art.


King County Building

Jack Taylor


Jack Taylor who some may know as Jackalope is a local PNW artist. He grew up in Portland, OR and when it was time ventured up to the Emerald City where he attended Cornish College of the Arts receiving his Bachelors degree focusing on Costume design. Jack has since gone on to dress several shows at Lakeside school and shadow local costume designer Mark Zappone with the 2019 Miss USA & Universe Pageants. Currently Jack has built over 700+ fitted face masks decorated with a hot pink tag. His main goal is to UpCycling using old fabric samples, shirts & bed covers.
When it comes to the community, Jack believes in creating art that everyone in our community can enjoy which is where the carousel of horse-bikes came to life.