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Wonder    Wander    Play   Explore

Applications are open now until April 30th! 

The LUSIO festival features light artists from across the US incorporating their art directly into 40 acres of glorious nature for one magical evening. 

Thousands of people stream into Volunteer Park every year to be totally immersed in the art of light, play, and sound.

This is a community festival that is built to create an abundance of happiness through the art of light and sound while giving opportunities for the light artists of the world to shine bright for one evening. 

Lusio runs on the sweat and creativity of our volunteers; including the curator and the artists.  Lusio is a boot strapped, grass roots festival funded by the curator and the community. 


Lusio is exploratory in nature. We rent the entire park and utilize most it east of the Amphitheater for the festival. Installations can be set through out the park utilizing the flora as canvases and inspiration for the exhibits. 


Be part of the magic of lusio

To read more about Lusio and the Lusio vision, visit the "Why Lusio" page. 
Please email with any questions. 
Apply via our easy form at the bottom of this page. 

There may also be options for Lusio meet ups prior to the event to meet with other light artists, connect with the curator, and get support for your installation. 


Call for Art  F.A.Q'S

  • Applications are open now until April 30th! 

  • This call for art is open to any individual artists and artist groups

  • FREE to apply  

  • Only one installation per application please. Multiple applications are ok!

  • NEW!
    If you are a video artist, VJ, or projection mapping artist without a specific exhibit in mind, you can apply to one of our LUSIO curated exhibits to project onto the Amphitheater, the Asian Art Museum, the Water Tower, or onto the Volunteer Park Conservatory buildings.


  • Art is curated directly into the nature of the park. 

  • If accepted each artist is required to meet with the curator on site to discuss their exhibit, go over logistical of installation, and work together to choose a perfect installation site at the park.
    *Out of town artists are except from this requirement and a exhibit site will be selected for them. 


  • POWER 
    NEW! This year any needed generators will be sourced by the artists.
    A $50 stipend will be paid directly to the artists after the festival for the generator rental.
     We will provide you with a few good rental resources if accepted and can source these for out of town artists. 


    We're extra selective about exhibits with sound components since sound travels and many exhibits are within 50 ft of each other. 
    We want to be respectful of our neighbors living beside the park.

    Not accepting any bands, dj's, or sound camps. 

  • Installation time is limited up to 6 hours day of and must be removed immediately after the event ends.

  • Each installation, regardless of how large the group is, must designate one person to be the lead and main point of contact for the duration of the event.

  • Art must be delivered, installed, maintained, and manned at all times by the artist or art group.

  • Any size of art is an option! We have the whole park to work with! 

  • No staking into the ground is allowed (park rules).
    Please be ready to secure your exhibit with weights if need be.


  • Light weight exhibits can be hung from trees with proper precautions taken to protect the trees.   

  • Pending grants; Lusio is offering a small stipend for selected artists. 
    We also offer volunteers, help sourcing the resources needed, marketing to a very large audience for you, and thousands of people viewing your work. 

    Want to apply for a grant for your project? 
    Awesome Seattle that funds $1000 in CASH every month
    SmART Ventures Grant which is another ongoing small grant from the City of Seattle for art projects. 
    4Culture is another fantastic resource. 


What are we looking for?


  • Light Art that can be integrated into nature without causing any damage or harm to the flora. 

  • Art that is accessible to all demographics and encompasses the LUSIO motto of "Wonder, Wander, Play, Explore".

  • Beautiful light art the inspires, delights, engages, calms, or invigorates!

  • Artists or artist groups that are interested in donating their time and art for the ultimate goal of spreading happiness in bulk to light and play. 

What AREN'T we looking for?

  • No fire/flames  (sorry no exceptions)

  • Lasers (unless you have a license)

  • Art vending 

  • Art where the focus is not on light but used an addition to
    (bands that use visuals for example) 

  • Overtly political pieces 

  • Bands/Dj's, Musicians

  • Grumpy or Artists. We're a happy bunch and want to work with happy people :)



*This form may require you to sign in with Google to upload files.
If you do not have a Google account and you can email us at and we'll send you it in a different format. 







5th annual
Lusio light festival 

Aug 1st, 2020 Volunteer Park
Seattle, WA

LUSIO is teaming up with the Burien

Arts-A-Glow Festival
Sept 12th, 2020
Dottie Harper Park  - Burien, WA
Arts-A-Glow Facebook

Apply once for both festivals via the application below! 
For more information about Arts-A-Glow and that artist call please go here
Artist’s stipends are available for Arts-A-Glow. 
Please read through the Arts-A-Glow attachment above for more information.  If you apply for the Glow we will reach out to you for a budget breakdown for your project. 

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